About Me

Hi! My name is Ashley, and the only thing you will see in my hand more than a pen, is a book. I am in love with a world other than my own, and I crave adventure. My passion is writing--it IS my life, along with my job as a Quality Assurance Assistant and a Library Science and Information Studies Graduate Student. I keep myself on a strict schedule, and make sure I have time for everything I need and want in my life.

Random Facts:

  • I have a twin brother. His name is Kenneth. He's really good with accents.
  • I love Sherlock, and it's the only show I will stop writing for. 


  • My boyfriend looks like Aladdin. For reals. 
  • I am a Gate's Millennium Scholar
  • I have a Bachelor's in English Writing and I will have a Master's in Library Science and Information Studies in 2014. 
  • I have been to Ireland and Peru and Italy and I will be visiting London soon. Italy was a huge source of inspiration for me...let's see if you see it reflected in my books! 
  • I love Christmas lights
  • I love watching Ellen
  • At this point, I'd only want kids so I could dress them up as Hobbits. And maybe Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I'd give them a pipe. 
  • Typically, I feel like a bad person because I will often choose writing over social interactions. 
  • I really like pajamas
  • To sort of contradict the previous statement, I also really like makeup.
  • If you couldn't tell already, I also like purple. In my hair...on my nails...on my wall... 
  • I haven't made it a secret that I want to be a famous writer
  • I'm very particular about books. I probably dislike many books that others like, and haven't read the ones everyone else has. 
  • I love The Lord of the Rings and anything associated with J.R.R. Tolkien. He is why I write. 
  • Ultimately, I will always believe that all things should be done with passion

With that said, I hope you stick around and join me on this crazy journey to achieve my long-time dream of getting published! Hopefully you will all be anticipating the release of my book this time next year. :)